Sagaform stands for joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the set table. Indoors and outdoors. Joyful gifts for friends or family, or to spoil yourself with.

Sagaform is a Swedish design brand with a clear vision to offer selected, affordable and well-designed presents in beautiful packaging. For over 20 years, Sagaform has designed gifts for the kitchen and the set table, spreads joy and appreciation and puts a smile on the receiver’s lips. Here you will find mugs, glasses, bowl and kitchen helpers – something for every occasion! 

The products are designed in collaboration with some of Sweden’s most popular designers that understand the top of the line Scandinavian design heritage. They are qualitative, functional and classically Swedish in style.

A warm welcome to Sagaform’s joyful and innovative world!


全系列商品除了能提高生活質素和增進便利性以外,也是非常好的送禮選擇。尤其在北歐,新居落成或新婚賀喜時,業主或新婚夫婦總是會讓朋友們送來Sagaform的產品作為賀禮。Sagaform 希望籍著他們的設計,把生活美學由廚房延續到餐桌,帶給你更豐富多彩的樂趣。其平易近人的價格,亦必定能夠成為你的居家亮點飾物!

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