Senga Club

Senga Club is a meet up group for Senga Living customers only. 
We are not a travel agent or tour operator. We organize gathering or tours a few times a year locally or at overseas for Senga Living customers to get together. Mainly in hiking, photography and culture related topics so all age groups are able to attend. 
我們並非旅行社. 我們只爲乘加的客戶安排聚會或旅行. 本地或海外都有. 大多以行山遠足, 攝影和人文藝術為主題, 適合所有年齡組別人士參與
We will post tour date and locations well in advance, and send out a detailed schedule 5 ~ 6 weeks prior to the departure date so you have efficient time to book your own ticket and hotel. We will share the cost of local transport and food if there are group activities onsite. 
我們通常會預早告知旅程的時間和地點. 具體之行程細則則會於出發前5至6周前公佈, 以便大家有足夠的時間訂購機票/車票和酒店. 如需在當地租車或飲食, 費用會按當日之參與人數平均攤分
You can join only part of the tour not necessary the entire trip gives you the flexibility to suit your schedule. We are happy to help the elderly should there are issues about Visa and related travel arrangement. 
你亦可按照你的時間許可, 只參加部分行程, 無需全程參與. 我們樂意為長者就簽證等行程安排提供協助.
Please ensure you obtain your own accident or travel insurance.

Be a Senga Living customer and join us to explore the world! 

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