Klinta creates and sells a unique and wide-ranging collection where nature's simple recipes, Scandinavia's philosophy of clean design and the makers' environmental concern combine to offer a candle and fragrance series for home and body, providing sought after everyday luxury and genuine well-being.

Ever since we started making Klinta Massage Candles and Skincare, our goal has always been to create natural, high-quality and environmentally sound candles using ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to the planet.

To be able to light and enjoy a well-fragranced and affordably priced candle with a clear conscience is an everyday luxury that everyone can treat themselves to at no cost to health or the environment – quite the contrary! And to be able to use skincare products without artificial colours or petroleum derivatives, that have not been tested on animals and which are handmade in our part of the world seems as natural as it does unusual.

We do our utmost to ensure our experienced and knowledgeable customers are satisfied. We search high and low for products that satisfy all the criteria that candles and skincare should meet in 2015, so that you don’t have to.

All products are made in Sweden.

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