Ovenware 焗爐用具


Piccadilly is the result of a collaboration between Pernilla Wahlgren and designer Ann-Carin Wiktorsson. The inspiration for the series comes from Pernilla’s interest in food, her cooking and hosting big dinner parties – social occasions that require generously proportioned dishes that are also highly functional and very versatile. Piccadilly provides practical baking dishes that doubles as attractive servingware – all designed to create more beautiful, enjoyable get-togethers around a beautifully set table.

由瑞典著名設計師Ann-Carin Wiktorsson與歌手及演員Pernilla Wahlgren聯合設計而成。此系列的設計靈感來自於Pernilla對食物及烹飪的熱愛,加上時常舉辦各式派對或是舉行家宴時對餐具的要求。這些社交場合往往需要功能齊全且多用途的餐具,Piccadilly系列提供了實用的烘焙餐具器皿,兼且是極具吸引力的餐桌用具 - 所有設計都旨在精美的餐桌旁創造更舒心歡愉的聚會。

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